What are Cookies?

Cookies are short pieces of data that are sent to users computers when they visit a website. On later visits, this data is then returned to that website. Cookies allow to recognize users automatically whenever their visit the website so that the user experience can be personalized and improved. Users can configure their internet browser to alert them to the reception of cookies, thus affording them the possibility of deciding whether to accept the cookies in question or not.

Usage of Cookies on this Website

Our website is offering a service where the filling and submission of an online application form is required. Cookies will save all your information with the goal of you don’t have to reenter any detail again that has been previously submitted, which is saving you time and increases accuracy.

Some of the cookies we use include:
- A technical cookie: This one allows the user to navigate through our website and make use of the different services offered in our platform. For example, it will save information about your registration if you abandon it.
- A personalization cookie: allows the user to access our service with certain predefined characteristics about your browser preferences. For example, it allows us to recognize your preferred language.
- An analytical cookie: they are used by us or by third parties and they allow us to quantify the number of users and measure how they behave online. These cookies inform us of how a user responds to our service and as a result we can work on improving the site.

Third-party cookies

Sometimes we use cookies that have been provided to us by secure third parties.
Cookies will keep tracking of how much time you are spending on specific page(s) and will provide information regarding the other pages you are visiting, etc. One very popular example is Google Analytics, one of the most trusted analytical solutions available online, that is used by most of the webmasters in the industry. These analytics are allowing us to write more helpful content for our clients. This third-party cookie are helping us get a better feedback about how users are using our website allowing us to find better ways to improve your user experience.

Disabling Cookies

In case you wish to disable cookies, you can perfectly do it by accessing your browser’s settings menu. We recommend that you do not disable cookies. If you disable cookies, you will also turn off many features of the website.

NOTE: In case you disable cookies, this will have a significant effect on the experience you have on this website as well as in terms of its functionality.